Copyright free resources

Good visual content is extremely important to give your story the attention it deserves. The internet is full of interesting images, photos and graphics. However, most of it is protected by copyright. Using these images may result in paying expensive fines. In this module we will focus on finding free alternatives for visual content. We will cover the following topics: … Read More

330 – Social Media Networks – an overview

Social Media landscape in 2015: Active users: Facebook: 1,366,000,000 Twitter 284,000,000 Instagram 300,000,000 Google Plus 343,000,000 Snapchat 100,000,000 WhatsApp 600,000,000 Source: Statistia Social Media Revolution 2015 (commercial angle) Media on Social Media BBC On Instagram Background article Washington Post on the use of Snapchat by media BBC Training: Social Media Newsroom (video) CNN On Snapchat   Social Media Research & … Read More

400 – Copyright free content

General copyright free Free photo archives (search for cc license!) Public relations (photo and video) Attention span statistics Suggestions for effective visuals ‘Shock’ value, unusual, unexpected (for example men using a vacuum cleaner in some societies) Emotional reaction (food, babies, animals) Close-ups Variation in sizes Colourful Creative editing Prominent position Content/context not immediately clear, … Read More