Smartphone video + training of trainers for UNICEF

Sustainable video workshops

We are currently working with UNICEF on revamping its ambitious video advocacy project. Throughout 2016, Training4News has been part of a team creating a new concept for video advocacy in the digital generation.

As well as contributing to strategy, our role has been to design and delivery a series of 5-day workshops for young people in eastern Europe and central Asia.

Video advocacy

During the workshops young people are given the opportunity to translate issues that matter to them into short video stories. These can be about injustices they want to change in their community, a call for action to solve everyday challenges or stories of inspiration. Using mobile phones they learn how to shoot, edit and share online short video stories using free software.


At the same time a number of them are also given the skills and confidence to give the workshop to other young people in the future. We call it skills + sustainability.

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