Abi Daruvalla

Abi is a veteran international trainer with many years of experience as an online journalist. She has designed, co-ordinated and delivered training for a wide range of NGOs, media organisations and training institutes around the world.

Her passion is to make sure training is effective for the client and fun for participants. She believes training is about communication and creating an environment in which people can fulfill their own potential. That means not only sharing knowledge and skills, but motivating people to develop and improve their talents on all levels.

Jeroen Westerbeek

Jeroen has a background in news journalism and worked for many years as a multi-skilled radio/television/online reporter in the Netherlands and Africa. He has developed a range of training modules for multimedia journalism courses for RNTC (Radio Netherlands Training Centre).

He combines a practical approach with the use of new and affordable technologies to inspire the many journalists who have taken part in his workshops. He understands newsroom dynamics and workflows and can translate his knowledge into effective advice and coaching for reporters and editors.

Both Abi and Jeroen are based in the Netherlands, but train on location worldwide. Our mission is to provide effective practical training.